At one time there were over 135 ranger huts strategically placed throughout Algonquin Park. These huts were used by patrolling rangers and were home to many fire-tower watchmen. The last few huts were abandoned in the early 1960's, subsequently the province viewed the remaining structures as a liability and chose to burn most of them down. There are 15 ranger cabins left in the Algonquin Park interior today. Only one of them, located on White Trout Lake, is still being used exclusively by patrolling park rangers. The other 14 cabins are a part of the Ranger Cabin Rental Program and are available for rent to the general public. These cabins are very old and are considered to be of historic & heritage value. They also represent a majority of the structures remaining in The Park (excluding commercial buildings, cottages & hunt camps). The cabins are rustic and will take you back to the days long gone, to a time when rangers would be patrolling through the entire park for months on end. A time when a ranger would ask you to bring some supplies to a cabin for him, so long as you were passing by or staying at the cabin anyway.

          Each cabin is very unique and they are all a masterpiece in my mind. However if I had to pick my favorites, I would have to say Highview & Lost Coin - you have to visit them for yourself to find out why. There are five cabins in which you can drive to, if that's more your thing. They are located on Rain Lake, two on Cedar Lake (Brent), Kioshkokwi Lake (Kiosk) and one on Bissett-Radiant Road (Twelve Mile). The other 9 cabins are within the Algonquin Interior & can only be access by canoe, foot, or in some cases both. 

           Permits for overnight use of the cabins can be obtained through Ontario Parks and must be reserved - you cannot show up to an access point and request a cabin, even if it is available.

"A residence would be required for the chief ranger, and there should be a few rustic huts or houses built at various points in the Park for the accommodation of the rangers"

 - Report of the Royal Commission on Forest Preservation and National Park, 1893.

Kitty Cabin, Kitty Lake 

45°39'34.09"N, 78°08'06.83"W, ElEvation. 390m

Lost Coin Cabin, Lost Coin Lake 

46°01'36.54"N, 78°05'25.91"W, ElEvation. 358m

McKaskill Cabin, McKaskill Lake 

45°42'51.65"N, 78°02'20.58"W, ElEvation. 371m

Twelve Mile Cabin, Bissett-Radiant Road 

46°04'56.46"N, 78°06'07.32"W, ElEvation. 330m

Wenda Cabin, Wenda Lake 

45°51'18.61"N, 77°50'17.95"W, ElEvation. 253m

Hidden / Secret Cabin, ????? Lake 

??°??'??.??"N, ??°??'??.??"W, ElEvation. ???m

The stone house, achray, grand lake 

45°52'00.10"N, 77°45'23.81"W, ElEvation. 224m

White Trout Cabin, White Trout Lake 

45°43'14.73"N, 78°39'34.53"W, ElEvation. 402m

Out-side-in, achray, grand lake 

45°52'00.10"N, 77°45'23.81"W, ElEvation. 224m

Rain Cabin, RAin Lake 

45°36'14.08"N, 78°57'14.15"W, ElEvation. 440m

Tattler Cabin, Tattler Lake

45°39'17.28"N, 78°14'14.31 W, ElEvation. 392m

Kiosk Cabin, Kioshkokwi Lake 

46°05'18.89"N, 78°52'37.93"W, ElEvation. 306m

Highview Cabin, Nipissing River 

45°51'23.26"N, 78°55'33.35"W, ElEvation. 409m

Crooked Chute Cabin, Petewawa River 

46°03'35.24"N, 77°54'16.49"W, ElEvation. 194m

Brent Ranger HQ Cabin, Cedar Lake 

46°01'50.70"N, 78°28'26.97"W, ElEvation. 312m

Brent Deputy HQ Cabin, Cedar Lake 

46°01'52.23"N, 78°28'25.58"W, ElEvation. 315m

Birchcliffe Cabin, Birchcliffe Lake 

45°55'55.35"N, 78°50'18.76"W, ElEvation. 379m

Big Crow Cabin, Big Crow Lake 

45°49'26.46"N, 78°25'41.81"W, ElEvation. 392m