Lost Coin Cabin, Lost Coin Lake 

46°01'36.54"N, 78°05'25.91"W, ElEvation. 358m

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Built in 1936. The Lost Coin Lake Cabin was once a part of an intense network of ranger cabins scattered throughout The Park. They were strategically placed within a days travel of each other which permitted rangers to patrol The park for months at a time. It was used by patrolling rangers until the 1950's and fell into disuse. In 1973 it was deemed as 'worthless' due to it's isolation from roads and canoe routes - today this is the best feature of the cabin. Visitors must hike, bike or canoe cart the 7km from The Park boarder to the cabin. This cabin has an old MNR aluminum canoe on the property - so you may want to save yourself the trouble of carting in a canoe. The name, Lost Coin Lake, is the result of Ontario Department of Lands and Forest's Bob Catton loosing a 25-cent coin in the lake while he was engaged in wildlife studies in the area.