Brent Ranger HQ Cabin,Cedar Lake 

46°01'50.70"N, 78°28'26.97"W, ElEvation. 312m

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Built in 1936. This cabin was to be the headquarters for the rangers patrolling the northern half of Algonquin Park. It sits a few hundred meters outside the main strip of the community of Brent - the last remaining village/town in Algonquin Park. It has gradually been restored by the legendary Jake who runs the outfitter in Brent. It's very large and great for family camping in Algonquin Park. The MNR Historic Site Reports of 1973 give special attention to the Brent HQ,

'The building are period pieces - log structures such as this are simply not made anymore... One functioned as a staff quarters, another smaller cabin (interior ranger style) was also used as a living quarters, and a third was a warehouse. Each structure contains peeled pine logs for walls, stone foundations and dovetailed corners.'