The stone house,achray, grand lake 

45°52'00.10"N, 77°45'23.81"W, ElEvation. 224m

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You can find this old ranger house in the heart of Achray on Grand Lake (Access No. 22). There are many historic plaques in the area and the one referring to this Stone House states:

Park Superintendent Frank MacDougall established a Deputy Chief Ranger headquarters at Achray in 1931.  The large stone building to your right was built to provide an office and accomidation for rangers. The cellar and foundation were constructed in 1933 but the Stone House was not completed until 1943. It was built under the direction of rangers Claude McFarland, an expert stone mason, and William Mooney, a skilled carpenter. Rock for the building was quarried near the shore of Carcajou Bay across Grand Lake.