Felt good to stand in the cold water - but one step to the right and it might not feel so good anymore

The rest of my day consisted of random walks around my campsite, with some whiskey in between. I collected and processed a bit more firewood and before I knew it, night was here. Tonight’s dinner was about as easy as it gets – penne with roasted red pepper sauce. I ended up with too much pasta (as usual) but it really hit the spot. Warm and full, I spent the rest of the night next to the fire sipping on whiskey before headed to bed. I wanted to get a good sleep because I was in for an unknown adventure tomorrow.

An unexpected Disney cameo - Otters meet, hug, and swim off together. (High Volume ​needed for the squeaks & grunts)

Step 3: Assemble the rest and enjoy your creation!

Overcast - but at least its not raining

Route Plan: Paddle the Tim River to Shippagew Lake, then Backtrack through Devine and Rosebary Lakes.

Looking north toward P1465

Campsite as seen from the shore

Backcountry BLT's: Step 2: Add mayo & melt cheese

I walked over to the other side of the peninsula and saw perhaps the cutest thing I’ve seen in Algonquin to date. From the right, I could see an otter coming my way – and quickly. I wondered where he was going. Then I looked to my left and saw two more otters swimming towards the first guy. Neat! When they met, I swear they hugged then swam off together – don’t believe me? Don’t worry, you don’t have to – see for yourself:

Mind-blown by what I just witnessed, I walked back to the firepit and made a second cup of coffee. I also decided it was time for those BLT’s that I kept delaying. With no grill, I found a Y stick and used it to toast my bagel. Improvise, adapt, overcome, right?

Backcountry BLT's: Step 1: Toast on a Y-stick

Looks like it's going to be another crappy day for weather - but at least I'm in Algonquin


​​​​Day 4: Relaxing day at Shippagew Lake

If I can be completely honest – not a lot happened today and that was exactly my plan. I slept in till almost 10am with zero regrets. I had nowhere to go and nowhere to be, except right here. With a coffee in hand, I walked down to the rocks at the shoreline, took my shoes off and stood in the water for a few minutes while drinking my coffee. The water was pretty damn cold, but what can you expect for October 2nd?​

End of Day 4 - Go To Day 5

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