Creepy bathroom tree

Dinner prep! Jalapeno sausages with old cheddar topped with ketchup & mustard

​​Day 2: Tour around Basin Lake 

Up and out of the tent by 6am. It rained last night so things were a bit wet and it looked like there was a good chance it would rain again. ​

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Lush greens still present in September

Not the best looking day, but still a good day for a paddle

tr 102: ​Basin & Buck 

Really like this campsite

Still overcast but it appeared the clouds would soon be lifting. I arrived at the 2nd campsite of the day and once again got out of the canoe to check it out. Mediocre at best and it had a super creepy tree that acted as the washroom sign post. Back in the boat and time to move on.

North-east bay of Basin Lake

My offering to the Whiskey Jacks was rejected - probably for the best though, I think bread isn't good for them

Ready for the rain

End of the creek - really glad its September and not June

Not the cleanest take-out / put-in either

This red squirrel was not impressed with me being on the island

Very tasty!

What a beautiful day!

Hey! A creek! Let's GO!

Nice benches.. but again.. parking lot.

I hung the tarp just in case the rain showed up, and in doing so I seem to have upset the local red squirrel. Now, I’ve told this to people before: If you hear things bring ‘dropped’ on your tent, there is a very good chance you’ve pissed off a red squirrel – and they retaliate.  Don’t believe me? That’s okay, I don’t blame you – seems silly right? Well, feast your eyes on this:

Slim pick'ns for firewood, but this is expected late in the season + on an access lake

Looking south towards the put in

Behind the Scenes: The making of a perfect BLT

What a fine day this turned out to be!

Off camera, the squirrel and I had a bit of a heated exchange but we both decided it would mutually beneficial for me to leave… tomorrow, which was my plan anyway. He must’ve bought it because his attack on me came to a full stop. With the squirrel war over, I fired up the stove for coffee and got a small fire going to toast my bagel & melt cheese. BLT for breakfast and it definitely hit the spot. During my second cup of coffee, I noticed a few Whiskey Jacks around camp and thought I would make them an offering. They weren’t having it, but it was still nice to see them around camp. I spent some time exploring the island on foot and since the lake was so calm, I figured it was time for an afternoon paddle. A very grey day, but I can’t resist a calm lake.

The western site is definitely the way to go, the eastern site is literally in the parking lot – I can’t imagine anyone would actually choose to stay here. Satisfied, I jumped back in the boat and continued my tour of Basin Lake. At this point, it was a completely new day – and a beautiful one at that. I slowly made my way up the eastern shore and back to camp – I was hungry and it was dinner time!

Headed back north to Basin Lake proper and.. is.. is that blue sky?

Approaching the upper west shore campsite

A gloomy Basin Lake

Lower west shore campsite on Basin Lake


A beaver dam meant the end of my creek exploration - didn't seem navigable much beyond the dam

Pretty basic site + the logging road in less than 30m from where I am standing

As I turned around to start heading north – the entire mood of the day completely changed. The clouds were finally lifting and I was greeted by a very blue sky and beaming sun. What a perfect day this turned out to be! I made my way back up the creek and headed towards the access put-in so I could check out those sites in better detail. 

Headed down the creek at the south end of Basin Lake

When I got to the bottom of Basin Lake, I decided to see how navigable the outflow creek was. I made it pretty far, probably about 60% of the way back to the main road but eventually I was stopped by a beaver dam. I could have hopped it and kept going, but it didn’t appear to be worth it.

Back in the boat and making my way up the eastern shore of Basin Lake

A very beautiful Basin Lake

Trail to the campsite just west of the access point parking lot

Made a fire to cook some sausages and spent the rest of my night sipping on whiskey & ginger (with ice!!) and eventually made my way to the tent. Another solid sleep.

One word: Yum!

Maybe the sun will decide to make an appearance today?

Not a bad site, around 80 to 100m west of the access point / parking lot

With nothing but time on my hands, I decided it would be fun to circumnavigate the entire lake and check out all the campsites Basin has to offer. I went counter-clockwise and began my journey down the west shore. Taking my time, I slowly made my way to the first campsite. It seemed okay, nothing special, but not too bad either. Due to its proximity to the road (about 15 to 20m), this isn’t a site I would willingly choose. I continued down the lake, exploring every nook and cranny. I came to a small creek and I wanted to see how far I could go. The answer was: Not very far. 

Campsite at the Access Point / Parking lot

Getting a little tight in here