Being only 1.5km from the car, it didn’t take long before I arrived at the island and checked out the site. ‘Yup!’ I liked what I saw and began unloading the canoe and setting up camp – but not before a rye and whiskey – WITH ICE! 

Day 1: Basin Access Point to Basin Lake Island 

After over four years since my previous solo trip, I was really looking forward to getting back in the wild on my own. Of course, I love to trip with family and friends, but part of me will always love the ultimate freedom that comes with solo canoe tripping. I didn’t have a lot of time for this trip (3 nights) and I was looking for a more relaxed pace, so I decided base-camping would be perfect. I picked Basin Lake because I had never been there before and I wanted to cross it off my list. Then I figured since I was already in the area, I’d spend my 3rd day exploring the trails and sights along Basin Depot Road up to the hydro line, then backtrack a bit and spend my final night on Buck Lake.​

One of the perks of a portage-free canoe trip! Ice ice baby!

Hung up the string lights because... why not?

The hammock: Another portage-free canoe trip perk

The drive up was decent and around 1pm I was at the turnoff to Basin Lake. Now a heads up for anyone going here – the final 1km of road is pretty damn rough. Not what you would expect for an ‘Official Access Point’ but you’re basically driving over very large roots & through deep ruts. Go slow!

By 4pm camp was set up and with the lake being so calm, it was time for an evening paddle. I didn’t go far, just around the island – but it was very peaceful and exactly what I needed. An hour later and I was back at camp ready for dinner. 

End of Day 1 - Go To Day 2

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tr 102: ​Basin & Buck 

A mix of red & white pines dominate the eastern half of Algonquin Park

Headed back to my campsite for dinner & a campfire

By 1pm I had arrived at the access point and started unloading the car. Since portaging wasn’t on the menu for this trip, I brought a cooler full of ice and some food options that I couldn’t otherwise bring – this was going to be a bit of a luxury trip, as far as food and drink were concerned. It was overcast, but dead calm. I launch my canoe and took my time paddling up the east shore of Basin Lake. My target campsite was the island, and since I was the only one booked on the lake there was no rush to get there.

Sautéed bell pepper, zucchini, onion with garlic & lemon pepper.

Crown 'n Ginger... and did I mention ICE? aw yesssss!

Ready to launch!

Dead calm on Basin Lake

Steak with red pepper & zucchini was on the menu tonight! I sat around the fire listening to the logs crackling & the random sounds of the forest. By 10:30pm I was in the tent and asleep in no time. I swear my best sleeps are when I’m solo in Algonquin.

Approaching the island on Basin Lake

Parking lot to island campsite

A different view of the island campsite on Basin Lake 

Island campsite on Basin Lake 

Steak on the grill!

Too glassy - MUST paddle!

Dinner prep

North-west bay of Basin Lake

Only car in the 'Parking Lot' at Basin Lake Access Point