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The Turtle Club on Lake Travers was established in 1933 by the J.R. Booth family, following Booth's death in 1925. The name 'Turtle Club' was a reference to the timber mark/logo Booth's logging company used on the river drives. The lodge itself was constructed in a way that it resembled a turtle - it had a large main room and four smaller rooms branching off in all directions. From above this appeared to be a giant turtle. Each room had its own massive stone fireplace, with the largest saved for the main hall - as seen in the photos above. It was used by the Booth family for many years - decades - before ownership changed hands and it became a private fishing lodge. Sadly, this structure was dismantled and moved to Minden Ontario with intentions to be rebuilt as part of a heritage project - unfortunately when the timber arrived in Minden it was found to be infested with insects and declared unsalvageable.