​This newspaper advertisement from the 50's (dated Saturday June 23rd 1956 from the The Ottawa Citizen) for the Kish-Kaduk Lodge boasts all the benefits the lodge and property had to offer. The ad itself may be of little words, but it would have been enough to get me there if I was around in those times. Take note that access was by CNR train only. You can access this historic ad from The Ottawa Citizen by clicking here. There is another source with additional photos and a great write up about the lodge which you can view by clicking here.


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​The Kish-Kaduk lodge was in service for nearly 50 years before shutting down in the mid-70's. It was located on the far west shore of Cedar Lake in Algonquin Park. The old railway through The Park had a station here named 'Government Park' which would have been very convenient for travelers arriving on the train from the surrounding towns and cities. Today, after 40 years of decay there is still plenty to see of the lodge and the buildings on the property. You can even find stone boarders, which likely served as trim to walking paths or gardens. If you are passing the north-west end of Cedar Lake, you must stop here - you won't regret it!