Tonka Memorial, Provoking Lake 

45°33'34.98"N, 78°29'54.61"W, ElEvation. 438m

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Sorry for the image quality here, I did not have my SLR on me when I discovered this little memorial. You can find this memorial located on an island in the middle of Provoking Lake. Originally I was unable to find any information on this memorial but after this page being active for two years, I was contacted by an individual who informed me that Tonka was their beloved family pet - a pit bull. Tonka loved wilderness trips to Algonquin and he with his family would often swim the small channel between the hiking trail and this island to relax for lunch following a long hike. She was delighted to see her dog memorialized on this website and hopes to provide an image or two of Tonka for this page in the future.